emerging from the surfLisa Martinovic is Wellness Ally, your partner in health and well-being.

My expertise arises out of the 30+ years I have spent addressing a variety of maladies, some resolved, some managed.  I’ve benefited from both mainstream medicine and a range of alternative healing modalities.

As an active participant in my own health care, I’ve learned a tremendous amount about how to tend to a challenged body.  All that I have come to know is relevant to wellness generally; much is applicable to common conditions.  I have amassed a rich compendium of tools and techniques, practices and protocols for optimizing health and well-being, and for making the most of our interactions with the medical establishment.

As a result of my decades-long dedication to wellness practice and interactions with health care providers, followed by five years of coaching and advocating for others, I am deeply educated in the realms of self-care and advocacy.  (I have no formal medical training.)  I also come equipped with a love of inquiry, well-modulated assertiveness and the tenacity to pursue optimal outcomes in every situation.

And, as a San Francisco native who has spent most of her life exploring wellness in the Bay Area, I offer referrals to some of the very best healers in the world. I am your living, breathing resource base.

I practice tai chi, train with a Masters swim team and hike in the hills—rain, shine or ankle-deep mud. I write, cartoon, photograph and perform in an improv theater troupe.  Leading by example, I support my clients to maintain an active, creative life no matter how daunting their physical challenges.

I work with clients in person and by phone. Whether you need coaching over a period of time or event-specific advocacy, I am available and eager to help.

So let’s get started!

For more information call 510-654-4010 or email me.  Sign up for a Wellness Walk (shown below) today!


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