After a motorcycle accident and subsequent botched surgery, Lisa coached me through a lengthy physical and emotional rehabilitation.  Once I was ready for reconstructive surgery, she helped me get consultations with leading international surgeons and then parse their conflicting opinions.  What a relief to know that I can count on Lisa’s expert support through the next phase of my recovery.
—Marc Vilnueve, Graphic Designer

Even though I was denied health insurance over a minor issue, I knew that fighting it was a long shot.  To my amazement, Lisa wrote a letter of appeal that convinced Kaiser to reverse its decision.  Now I have better coverage for a lot less money.
—Joseph Mozetti, Carpenter

Lisa did the legwork to obtain all my past surgical records so that we could determine why I had such a rough time with my most recent anesthesia.  I had no idea that I could participate in the advance work for my own surgery, and provide information to help the anesthesiologist do a better job. I’m heading into my next surgery much better prepared because I’ll be part of the team, not just a body being operated on.
—Roger Meadows, Software Engineer

Lisa’s pointers on managing an injury and the side effects of meds—right before a US Masters championship swim meet—enabled me to achieve my dream of winning the gold in the 100-yard butterfly.  She also had the wisdom to tell me to back off and rest after my triumph.  I listen to her and thrive.
—Kate Coleman, Journalist

When my script was selected for the Sundance Theatre Lab, Lisa helped to prepare me physically, mentally and energetically for this major career breakthrough.  During Wellness Walks, over two months, she offered me a range of tools to deal with fear, resistance, unhealthy habits and mental self-sabotage—while helping me get in shape in the most pleasurable way!  Thanks to her coaching, I was able to go to Sundance excited and energized, and to make the most of all that it offered to move to the next stage of success.
—Shailja Patel, Playwright 

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