Wellness Coaching

As a citizen of our hyper-informed millennium, you probably know a great deal about how to take care of yourself.  You know about the importance of being physically active, reducing stress with yoga or meditation and eating organic foods free of antibiotics, hormones and GMOs. You may even know to avoid endocrine-disrupting plastics, how to be certain you’re getting enough Vitamin D, and how to use the principles of neuroplasticity to your advantage.  And yet, if you’re like most people, you tend to feel a bit overwhelmed.  You aren’t always able to incorporate all these healthy habits into your daily life.

As your Wellness Coach I will provide specific and gentle guidance to help you create your own wellness path and find the joy in it.

Together we will identify your health-related needs and design a plan for meeting them.  The plan may include developing a consistent exercise program, seeking out new help for persistent conditions, managing weight and dietary modifications, making rest and play, culture and community a bigger part of your life—whatever it takes to improve your health and overall well-being.

Thanks to capacities grown out of my own life experience, I offer compassion and steadiness for clients as they move through stuck places.  As a calm and well-boundaried presence, I will coach you through difficult decisions and bumpy transitions.  It gives me great pleasure to support clients to flourish—whether you need fresh ideas, sober assessing, handholding or cheerleading.

As your Wellness Coach I will:

♦ help you find creative ways to make self-care an integral part of your life.

♦ teach you techniques for working with and metabolizing physical pain and emotional trauma.

♦ offer alternative approaches for many ordinary and some unusual ailments.

♦ show you simple practices to reduce stress and renew your energy throughout the day.

♦ support you to listen to and honor your body even when it’s not cooperating with your best laid plans.

♦ introduce my simple and effective system to monitor the efficacy of changes and identify the subtle patterns that affect your life.

♦ help you rest into acceptance of what is—while doing what you can to change it.

♦ provide the support structure to help you stay on track, making steady progress on your wellness path.

Email me today to get started on your path to wellness: poemedy@aol.com