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One Salve to Heal Them All

Wouldn’t it be great if you could make your own salve for healing gashes, abrasions, lesions and the occasional inexplicable skin condition—a salve that can minimize or eliminate scarring? Rest easy, DIY health seeker, for your answer lies on this …  Continue reading

Whiten and Nourish your Teeth Naturally

Do your teeth stain easily? Are you afraid to eat blueberries because they’ll give your smile a dingy purple hue that lasts for hours? Say hello to your new best friend: Vitamin C That’s right, forget about drugstore concoctions and …  Continue reading

The Safe and Skin-Nourishing Sunscreen Alternative

Now that you’re aware of the known dangers and potential risks of sunscreen use, you may well be freaking out. Understandably so. While excess sun exposure can certainly cause skin cancer, commercial sunscreens compromise our health in equally insidious ways. …  Continue reading

Prevent Colds and Flu — or get rid of the one you have

Gathered and refined through years of experience with healers and nutritionists, I offer, below, a terrific protocol that’s effective for most any species of cold or flu.  I encourage you to keep this info for future reference because it is …  Continue reading

Tips to Stay Healthy During Air Travel

You’ve put money aside for years. Flown halfway across the world. You’re embarking on the vacation of a lifetime…only to wake up in your tropical paradise coughing, sneezing and altogether miserable from some bug you caught on the plane. Isn’t …  Continue reading