Whiten and Nourish your Teeth Naturally

tooth and vit cDo your teeth stain easily? Are you afraid to eat blueberries because they’ll give your smile a dingy purple hue that lasts for hours? Say hello to your new best friend: Vitamin C

That’s right, forget about drugstore concoctions and potentially dangerous bleach trays.

Just get yourself some buffered Vitamin C in the form of Sodium Ascorbate powder.

Pour a small amount—around ½ teaspoon—into a little dish or bowl.

Moisten a piece of soft cloth (I use tiny squares of retired bedsheets) with water and dip it into the powder.

Gently scrub the surfaces of your teeth as if you were polishing fine china.  Swish and rinse your mouth with water and you’re done.

Not only will this remove layers of stain, it’s also nourishing to your teeth and gums, so it’s ok to use as needed to keep stains away. No worries about accidentally swallowing it either; it’s Vitamin C!

Important to note that with Vitamin C powder you are not bleaching your teeth but merely removing stains. Thus, you will not achieve the blindingly white teeth you see on victims of celebrity bleaching. But you will get cleaner, stronger, healthier teeth… naturally. And isn’t that what you really want?

Sodium Ascorbate is also very inexpensive.   As of this writing $10.83 will get you 8 ounces, which will last one person in a very long time—a year at least.

And make sure it’s GMO-free. Some 90% of Vitamin C is derived from corn, and these days nearly all corn is genetically modified.  So, unless you want to participate in an unregulated, corporate-controlled science experiment on your body, steer clear of genetically modified foods and supplements.

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