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Enjoy Poppy Season on the Wellness Trail

Some people get high on poppies. Other people’s poppies get high. Ten feet high to be precise, here in Tilden Park in the Berkeley hills on one of my favorite Wellness Walks.  Known colloquially as the fried egg poppy, for …  Continue reading

It’s Halloween on the Wellness Trail!

Seasons in the Bay Area may not differ as dramatically as they do back East (nod to the current nor’easter/hurricane combo), but each has its own distinct personality.  And here in the Berkeley hills Autumn marks the beginning of mushroom …  Continue reading

Make This Mistake on a Wellness Walk and You’ll Miss Out

Over the many years that I’ve been enjoying Wellness Walks from California beaches to Ozark mountain trails, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend. Ever more people are tuning out nature and tuning in to whatever it is they simply must hear …  Continue reading

Don’t Let a Minor Inconvenience like Surgery Keep You from Your Wellness Path

On June 6, I had surgery to repair several ruptured extensor tendons in my left hand. Two days later I was enjoying an hour-long urban Wellness Walk in the Berkeley hills. I tell you this not to brag (OK, there’s …  Continue reading

Spring is the Best Time to Build New Habits for Health

It’s Spring and new growth abounds.  This redwood tree is probably over a hundred years old—yet look at the tender young leaves it’s sending out into the world as an affirmation of life ongoing. It’s Spring and the weather is …  Continue reading

Wellness at the Waterfall

In the late afternoon, a shady hike in Tilden led to this sheltered pool replete with waterfall.  Home to Rainbow Trout and the completely adorable California Newt.  Just 15 minutes from downtown Berkeley and we are transported to another world. …  Continue reading

Dandelion Greens for Gall Bladder Health

Today’s Wellness Walk highlights the humble Dandelion. Dismiss it as a weed and you’ll miss out on its many nutritional benefits including rich stores of vitamins A, C, E, several of the B vitamins, zinc, lecithin, magnesium, iron and potassium. Most …  Continue reading

Why a Wellness Walk?

Walking with me as your coach and ally is an effective way to get you started on the path to self-care.  When you commit to a series of walks you will, over time, build new neural pathways that link the …  Continue reading