Has Binge-Watching Hijacked Your Dopamine?

I don’t trust anything that I look forward to too much. And topping that list is the double-edged sword of prestige television. For over half a century, critics have railed against what we used to call the “boob tube,” usually objecting on moral or political grounds.

If they knew dopamine like I know dopamine, they could have made a stronger case.

I’m neither a Puritan nor a Luddite. I’ve thrilled to the Emmy-winning dramas of television’s new Golden Age. And like so many others, I fell victim to what TV critic James Poniewozik calls “The Suck“: “that narcotic, tidal feeling of getting drawn into a show and letting it wash over you for hours.” But after spending too many precious hours with my neo-cortex on hold, I had to reassess my priorities. Continue reading.


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2 Responses to Has Binge-Watching Hijacked Your Dopamine?

  1. Felicia Betancourt says:

    I never dreamed that we would ever be complaining that television had become too good! Alas, it seems to be so. Most treacherous of all is the ability of video platforms to queue up the next episode the instant one has ended. Who has that kind of will power? Maybe we need to ask Netflix et al. for a “low-dopamine” setting, making that next episode a bit harder to find?

    • Lisa says:

      Alas, corporations have no motivation to help us use less. It would diminish their profits. Ain’t capitalism grand?

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