Tips to Stay Healthy During Air Travel

airplne olive oilYou’ve put money aside for years.

Flown halfway across the world.

You’re embarking on the vacation of a lifetime…only to wake up in your tropical paradise coughing, sneezing and altogether miserable from some bug you caught on the plane.

Isn’t there something you could have done to prevent this?

Yes, there is! By incorporating a few simple measures into your travel plans you’ll greatly increase the odds of arriving at your destination healthy and ready to make the most of your vacation, or business trip for that matter.

• Take 100,000 IU Vitamin A (from fish oil) one hour BEFORE you board the plane. The anti-viral properties of Vitamin A will help keep you from succumbing to pathogens swirling about in the plane’s recycled air.

• Hydration is crucial on flights. Drink a full cup of plain water once an hour, or as often as you can hail a flight attendant. Do be kind asking for extras; flight attendants are already working hard to make your tip as pleasant as possible. For added immune support (and flavor!), consider bringing with you Wellness Fizz wafers to dissolve in your otherwise humble beverage.

• Abstain from alcohol and coffee as they only exacerbate the dehydration process.

• Air travel dries out the nasal passages making your tissues more vulnerable to micro-tears through which bacteria and viruses can enter. Keep moist by using a q-tip to daub the inside of your nostrils periodically throughout the flight with organic extra virgin olive oil or organic unrefined sesame oil— which you have remembered to bring aboard in a handy little squeeze bottle. (See TSA specs on what’s allowed.)

• Especially on long flights, make it a point to get up and walk around the cabin often (drinking all that water will support you in this).  Walking and doing some simple stretches will support your circulation and keep you from getting stiff in those cramped seats.

If your destination is seaside, be sure to avail yourself of the healing powers of the ocean. Enjoy a swim as soon as you can, allowing the salt water to draw out the radiation you’ve absorbed on the flight.  If you’re landlocked, take a nice hot bath into which you have poured 2 cups of plain old sea salt (which you can get in bulk at most health food stores; just make sure you aren’t using commercial salt which usually contains dextrose and, ugh, anti-caking agents).  Augment the detoxification properties of your bath by adding 2 cups of baking soda. Soak for 20-30 minutes to draw out the in-flight radiation.

Happy Travels!


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